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[texts]Scientific American Volume 40 Number 18 (May 1879)

Keywords: scientific; steam; iron; patent; emery; railroad; american; patented; scientific american; patents; american supplement; steam roads; cast iron; public works; sheet iron; emery wheel; steam engine; sewing machine; ice cave
Downloads: 69
[texts]Scientific American Volume 13 Number 21 (November 1865)

Keywords: patent; claim; combination; steam; manner; munn; scientific; purpose; purpose set; constructed; letters patent; chisel cut; scientific american; steam engines; address munn; portable steam; sulphuric acid; purposes set; american patent
Downloads: 74
[texts]Scientific American Volume 82 Number 19 (May 1900)

Keywords: tbe; tion; scientific; electric; munn; apparatus; american; machine; east river; feet; suspension bridges; adhesion wheels; scientific american; large number; gas engine; true horizontal; proposed form; cape nome; wireless telegraphy
Downloads: 59
[texts]Scientific American Volume 94 Number 08 (February 1906)

Keywords: sand; scientific; american; motor; tion; patent; engine; railroad; scientific american; gas; reinforced concrete; oxygenized water; american february; sand waves; gas engine; san francisco; square inch; merchant marine; great deal
Downloads: 79
[texts]Scientific American Volume 100 Number 08 (February 1909)

Keywords: fleet; ships; scientific; tons; american; armored; battleships; guns; atlantic fleet; scientific american; sister ships; santiago fleet; small country; total displacement; paul railway; small house; armored cruisers; hampton roads
Downloads: 100
[texts]Scientific American Volume 41 Number 23 (December 1879)

Keywords: supplement; price; steam; cents; contained; patent; valuable; scientific; scientific american; description; trade marks; ten cents; paper read; lecture delivered; wrought iron; full directions; practical directions; valuable papers; steam pipe
Downloads: 96
[texts]Scientific American Volume 01 Number 01 (August 1845)

Keywords: july; subscribers; inventions; cents; american; rational; infusion; scientific; speak gently; gently; young men
Downloads: 326
[texts]Scientific American Volume 94 Number 26 (June 1906)

Keywords: automobile; gasoline; motor; dam; concrete; apparatus; electric; scientific; scientific american; machine; liquid fuel; cubic feet; mutual life; san francisco; american june; motor car; york city; cubic yards; touring car
Downloads: 66
[texts]Scientific American Volume 88 Number 06 (February 1903)

Keywords: scientific; american; patent; device; steam; tion; gas; patents; cooper hewitt; scientific american; mercury vapor; illustrated catalogue; american february; years ago; horse power; negative electrode; disease germs; ice bridge
Downloads: 93
[texts]Scientific American Volume 45 Number 27 (December 1881)

Keywords: supplement; price; contained; valuable; illustrated; ment; description; cents; improved; scientific; electric light; papers contained; scientific american; ten cents; paper read; price ten; supplements numbers; valuable paper; valuable papers; lecture delivered
Downloads: 927
[texts]Scientific American Volume 82 Number 06 (February 1900)

Keywords: scientific; canal; american; cantilever; color; munn; tion; nicaragua; scientific american; alloys; low water; gas engine; nicaragua canal; american supplement; circuit courts; specific gravity; cantilever crane; sine curve; circuit court
Downloads: 71
[texts]Scientific American Volume 48 Number 17 (April 1883)

Keywords: tbe; patent; patented; scientific; apparatus; tlie; tion; steam; scientific american; consists; steam engine; muriatic acid; torpedo boats; drill chuck; horse power; steam engines; salicylic acid; sewing machine; low grade
Downloads: 84
[texts]Scientific American Volume 93 Number 12 (September 1905)

Keywords: scientific; tion; truckee; feet; plant; canal; apparatus; american; scientific american; munn; great northern; park avenue; main truckee; evans vacuum; main diverting; american supplement; truckee canal; american supplements; grand central
Downloads: 55
[texts]Scientific American Volume 95 Number 11 (September 1906)

Keywords: scientific; american; tar; tion; electric; bell; supplement; coil; scientific american; device; american september; takes place; american supplement; east india; american supplements; armored cruisers; reinforced concrete; york city; machine shop
Downloads: 102
[texts]Scientific American Volume 101 Number 18 (October 1909)

Keywords: scientific; american; cubic; patent; tion; supplement; apparatus; forests; american supplement; scientific american; sewing machine; fluid pressure; cubic feet; american october; middle west; three years; excelsior springs; type writing
Downloads: 96
[texts]Scientific American Volume 53 Number 14 (October 1885)

Keywords: scientific; steam; patented; dock; american; apparatus; munn; patent; scientific american; water; postal order; judge number; depositing dock; american supplement; address munn; supporting ropes; cast iron; dram drinker; indicated horse
Downloads: 56
[texts]Scientific American Volume 52 Number 26 (June 1885)

Keywords: steam; scientific; electric; patented; patent; munn; machine; boiler; scientific american; water; professor lodge; postal order; sewing machine; american supplement; electric light; sash bolt; address munn; push button; porous cell
Downloads: 74
[texts]Scientific American Volume 48 Number 21 (May 1883)

Keywords: feet; patent; patented; statue; scientific; center; steam; brooklyn; scientific american; tlie; cast iron; water closet; paper pulp; sewing machine; feet wide; patent granted; air chamber; brooklyn tower; sheet metal
Downloads: 88
[texts]Scientific American Volume 66 Number 06 (February 1892)

Keywords: scientific; steam; patent; electric; munn; turret; tion; american; scientific american; mach; miles operated; hydrochloric acid; horse power; protective sheet; salt lake; musical inst; years ago; car coupling; express money
Downloads: 73
[texts]Scientific American Volume 54 Number 11 (March 1886)

Keywords: steam; patented; scientific; water; inch; tion; munn; patent; scientific american; american; cast iron; american export; sewing machine; glass cutting; steam pump; express money; address munn; red hot; water pipes
Downloads: 73
[texts]Scientific American Volume 83 Number 15 (October 1900)

Keywords: gas; cubic; automobile; feet; naval; steam; pipe; scientific; water gas; color; rapid transit; producer gas; cubic feet; heating capacity; scientific american; cubic foot; plain water; horse power; city hall
Downloads: 70
[texts]Scientific American Volume 43 Number 10 (September 1880)

Keywords: patent; patented; scientific; iron; american; sole; apparatus; steam; scientific american; manufacture; steam pump; sole inventor; carbonic acid; watery vapor; steam boiler; twenty years; wood working; table land; pumping engine
Downloads: 66
[texts]Scientific American Volume 73 Number 08 (August 1895)

Keywords: scientific; bicycle; wire; patent; american; wheel; steam; munn; scientific american; machine; weaving wire; postal union; water tube; hot water; nerve cells; car windows; cycle path; frozen milk; letters patent
Downloads: 55
[texts]Scientific American Volume 76 Number 18 (May 1897)

Keywords: scientific; tion; american; steel; bicycle; catalogue; apparatus; cents; scientific american; electric; declination north; steel projectile; national academy; years ago; horse power; roentgen rays; british association; dynamo room; sprocket wheel
Downloads: 43
[texts]Scientific American Volume 70 Number 06 (February 1894)

Keywords: scientific; munn; electric; steam; feet; iron; patent; american; scientific american; air; storage battery; express money; horse power; large number; post office; candle power; largest circulation; air pumps; electric light
Downloads: 89
[texts]Scientific American Volume 45 Number 03 (July 1881)

Keywords: scientific; patent; iron; boiler; sulphur; inventors; water; steam; scientific american; niter; price list; mixed milk; mealed powder; cold water; cast iron; sulphuric acid; niagara suspension; patent office; suspension bridge
Downloads: 116
[texts]Scientific American Volume 96 Number 03 (January 1907)

Keywords: scientific; american; tion; electric; steam; device; patent; wireless; scientific american; gas; american january; york central; american supplement; national electric; wireless telegraphy; american supplements; rare earths; electric signaling; wireless telegraph
Downloads: 80
[texts]Scientific American Volume 52 Number 06 (February 1885)

Keywords: scientific; steam; patent; center; water; tion; patents; patented; scientific american; american; sole manufacturers; soft iron; steam engine; address munn; sewing machine; wrought iron; cog wheel; pounds pressure; paraffine wax
Downloads: 61
[texts]Scientific American Volume 89 Number 14 (October 1903)

Keywords: scientific; steam; tion; illustrated; electric; feet; automobile; american; power plant; scientific american; young oysters; total length; horse power; american school; lord salisbury; american october; gas engine; prime movers
Downloads: 72
[texts]Scientific American Volume 67 Number 09 (August 1892)

Keywords: scientific; american; munn; patent; patents; plate; electric; tion; scientific american; steam; compressed air; american supplement; sealed proposals; express money; armor plate; electric light; natural gas; horse power; years ago
Downloads: 51
[texts]Scientific American Volume 71 Number 06 (August 1894)

Keywords: scientific; american; munn; electric; inch; tion; couplers; feet; scientific american; steam; perspective elevation; mill construction; guard arm; street railway; horse power; postal union; check rein; niagara falls; milk sugar
Downloads: 53
[texts]Scientific American Volume 76 Number 08 (February 1897)

Keywords: scientific; patent; tbe; dock; bicycle; inch; patents; american; scientific american; munn; deep sea; years ago; express money; high frequency; dry dock; export edition; hot water; building edition; tbe scientific
Downloads: 64
[texts]Scientific American Volume 79 Number 03 (July 1898)

Keywords: inches; ships; tbe; scientific; steam; shaft; feet; guns; scientific american; theater; hospital ship; feed water; square feet; single ended; feet radius; olympian theateb; acetylene gas; double ended; ended boilers
Downloads: 56
[texts]Scientific American Volume 57 Number 05 (July 1887)

Keywords: scientific; patented; patent; american; apparatus; colors; steam; munn; scientific american; electric; torpedo boat; human scarlet; scarlet fever; alarm box; address munn; wear plate; american supplement; standard solution; express money
Downloads: 51
[texts]Scientific American Volume 96 Number 06 (February 1907)

Keywords: scientific; guns; american; supplement; engine; vibration; automobile; gun; scientific american; patent; motor boat; york city; american supplement; pneumatic despatch; american february; muzzle velocity; total weight; wireless telegraph; gulf stream
Downloads: 84
[texts]Scientific American Volume 97 Number 25 (December 1907)

Keywords: scientific; automobile; apparatus; tion; airship; mechanical; tubes; american; scientific american; syphon; full particulars; average speed; american december; motor control; touring car; motor boat; particulars address; american supplements; artificial horizon
Downloads: 65
[texts]Scientific American Volume 39 Number 08 (August 1878)

Keywords: scientific; patented; american; improved; consists; steam; boiler; patent; scientific american; iron; boiler explosion; years ago; american supplement; stay bolts; sewing machine; oak ties; ties injected; send stamp; wrought iron
Downloads: 41
[texts]Scientific American Volume 37 Number 09 (September 1877)

Keywords: scientific; improved; patent; steam; supplement; steel; consists; iron; scientific american; shaft; patent office; large number; pineal body; trade mark; american supplement; ten years; address munn; wrought iron; hot air
Downloads: 55
[texts]Scientific American Volume 55 Number 18 (October 1886)

Keywords: scientific; steam; patented; tion; american; apparatus; munn; water; scientific american; jute; hot air; carbonic acid; address munn; cubic feet; blotting paper; american supplement; express money; twelve feet; woodworking machinery
Downloads: 62
[texts]Scientific American Volume 96 Number 23 (June 1907)

Keywords: scientific; american; tion; concrete; supplement; feet; automobile; ore; scientific american; steel; high grade; reinforced concrete; american supplement; belle isle; american supplements; york city; average speed; american june; motor boat
Downloads: 72
[texts]Scientific American Volume 84 Number 26 (June 1901)

Keywords: automobile; electric; gasoline; tion; apparatus; patent; lake; scientific; east river; horse power; small star; jerome park; scientific american; candle power; direct current; spherical candle; post office; water supply
Downloads: 73
[texts]Scientific American Volume 41 Number 24 (December 1879)

Keywords: steam; scientific; patent; tion; resistance; apparatus; large; american; scientific american; illustrated; letters patent; large number; trade mark; years ago; trade marks; natural history; sewing machine; sir joseph; electromotive force
Downloads: 76
[texts]Scientific American Volume 61 Number 25 (December 1889)

Keywords: scientific; patent; steam; tbe; tion; dickerson; apparatus; american; scientific american; device; sir william; sewing machine; horse power; high pressure; electric light; american supplement; low pressure; pressure cylinders; gas engine
Downloads: 99
[texts]Scientific American Volume 49 Number 03 (July 1883)

Keywords: patent; patented; silk; apparatus; tlie; improved; scientific; steam; scientific american; tbe; large number; yellow fever; cotton seed; small masters; hand looms; sewing machine; chemical engines; fire escape; silk worm
Downloads: 243
[texts]Scientific American Volume 39 Number 14 (October 1878)

Keywords: scientific; patent; lac; steam; patented; iron; improved; american; scientific american; tion; india rubber; tific american; porcupine ant; paper read; american supplement; lower greensand; ant eaters; hair eels; takes place
Downloads: 51
[texts]Scientific American Volume 96 Number 24 (June 1907)

Keywords: scientific; apparatus; american; automobile; cement; water; engine; gyrostat; scientific american; piston; york city; years ago; river bed; gas engine; cubic feet; touring car; gliding boat; american june; square feet
Downloads: 117
[texts]Scientific American Volume 37 Number 24 (December 1877)

Keywords: patent; crank; scientific; steam; patented; slotted; pin; iron; crank pin; address; fire proof; blister beetles; scientific american; second larva; wrist pin; patent slotted; connecting rod; wrought iron; american supplement
Downloads: 58
[texts]Scientific American Volume 55 Number 12 (September 1886)

Keywords: scientific; patented; steam; patent; american; tbe; munn; valve; scientific american; chevreul; american supplement; years ago; address munn; wooden valve; square miles; coal tar; express money; rubber tube; valve casings
Downloads: 68
[texts]Scientific American Volume 72 Number 15 (April 1895)

Keywords: scientific; color; steam; tion; munn; platinum; illustrated; tbe; scientific american; adapted; railway switch; pulverized charcoal; horse power; zenith city; gas engine; royal society; low resistance; perspective elevations; postal union
Downloads: 120
[texts]Scientific American Volume 81 Number 22 (November 1899)

Keywords: tlie; coyote; scientific; electric; patent; steam; american; exposition; moth; apparatus; east river; vienna collection; south africa; years ago; gypsy moth; fourth order; post office; ball bearings; large number; scientific american
Downloads: 63
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